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Simple, Quick And Legally Compliant For Risk Assessment

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Simple, Quick And Legally Compliant For Risk Assessment
Simple, Quick And Legally Compliant For Risk Assessment

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The topic of risk assessment is not new - for the past ten years, manufacturers have had to ensure in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC that "a risk assessment is carried out in order to determine the safety and health protection requirements applicable to the machine". In the event of damage, the documentation serves to demonstrate the conformity of the product with the requirements of the relevant EC guidelines. What is new, however, is how easily and quickly a risk assessment can be created today - provided that you have the appropriate special software.

Checked for risks

One of the industry pioneers is Bamberger Docufy GmbH, which has successfully established its Docufy Machine Safety software on the market for more than five years. More than 1000 users from mechanical and plant engineering already trust this standard software, which does not create the verification documents for the risk assessment afterwards, but already during the construction process. This means that the designer not only receives a legally compliant risk assessment, but also a safe machine that has been tested for risks when the construction is completed.

Designer defines assessment procedures

Expensive, subsequent protective devices for risk reduction are therefore no longer necessary. The advantages of this in the age of ever faster time-to-market are obvious. The user can decide which evaluation method the software uses. You can choose from the Machinery Directive, ATEX or the assessment based on requirements. The new release of Docufy Machine Safety promises better handling of content by further simplifying the application, increased clarity through stronger user support and generally safer use in work-sharing projects by implementing new technical possibilities.

Interface to the Cosima editorial system

Docufy Machine Safety is based on the architecture of the technical editing system Cosima go !. Both systems can be operated on a common database. In this way, safety notices, warning and information signs, personnel qualifications and personal protective equipment used in risk assessment can be easily integrated into those with Cosima go! Accept the created instructions. The information in the risk assessment can be used across departments in several ways.

Evaluation using an HTML report

That is why Docufy Machine Safety creates many overviews in addition to the actual document output of the risk assessment. This includes, among other things, notes for the operating instructions or user documentation, types of hazards, residual risks, safety instructions, assemblies and responsibilities as well as signage. The overviews are generated from Docufy Machine Safety as printable HTML pages. These HTML reports were adapted in the new release after consultation with leading machine safety experts.

Risk assessment and declaration of conformity at the push of a button

Uwe Reißenweber, Managing Director of Docufy GmbH, says about the new release of Docufy Machine Safety 4.5: “Of course every new release brings some improvements and new features. But the most important thing is: software must be easy to use, efficient, reliable and highly automated. In this way, the user is accompanied step by step through the process of risk assessment. Then Docufy Machine Safety automatically outputs the overall risk assessment as evidence. The declaration of conformity or declaration of incorporation is also generated in all official EU languages ​​at the push of a button. That is what a customer needs today. With our software, we ensure that this is done quickly, easily and, of course, in compliance with the law.”(Mz)

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