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European Standard Makes Pedelec And E-bike Batteries Safer

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European Standard Makes Pedelec And E-bike Batteries Safer
European Standard Makes Pedelec And E-bike Batteries Safer

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The now published European standard EN 50604-1: 2016 is intended to define a Europe-wide uniform safety standard for lithium-ion batteries for so-called "light electric vehicles". The regulation increases the safety of pedelecs and other light electric vehicles such as electric motorcycles or electric scooters and is intended to reliably regulate the legal framework.

The standard defined by the European standardization organization Cenelec will be converted into a DIN standard by January 2017. The standard was inspired by ZVEI - the Central Association for the Electrical and Electronics Industry and ZIV - the Two-Wheeler Industry Association in cooperation with the Battery Safety Organization Batso.

You can rely on the safety of the batteries

Such lithium-ion batteries are "high-tech power packs" that store a lot of energy in the smallest space. The associations have long called for the many hundreds of thousands of pedelec and e-bike owners to be able to rely on the safety of their batteries. The battery must be protected against overcharging, deep discharge, short circuit, extreme temperatures and vibrations. The charger and the battery pack must be coordinated so that only the batteries provided can be charged. Associated chargers and batteries must clearly recognize each other for this. This can be done by mechanical, electrical or electronic measures. The plug contacts must also be designedthat the connection of the battery to the AC network or other power sources not provided is reliably prevented.

E bike

A modular system for the e-bike

Electric motorcycle

Safety chassis with electric all-wheel drive developed for motorcycles

Pedelecs and e-bikes travel millions of times

E-mobility in the form of pedelecs and e-bikes in the two-wheeler sector has long been a reality. More than 2.5 million pedelecs and light electric vehicles are already on German roads today. "In view of the boom in electrically assisted bicycles, consumers, dealers and manufacturers need clear technical guidance," emphasizes the managing director of the two-wheeler industry association, Siegfried Neuberger.

"Pedelecs, electric two-wheelers and their components have to be manufactured according to uniform, high quality standards in order to guarantee the greatest possible safety", demands the managing director of the ZVEI battery association, Otmar Frey. The Chairman of the Battery Safety Organization Batso, Stephan Scheuer, worked on the development of the technical basics. He states: "In contrast to electrically operated cars, the batteries in pedelecs and e-bikes are accessible from the outside and largely removable. This results in special security requirements to better protect users. The new EN 50604-1 sets the standard for this."

"In this standard project, the functionality of various safety measures was introduced in the tests to ensure safety for the user," emphasizes Dr. Richard Aumayer, the Convenor of the standardization project. (sh)


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