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It's Time To Modernize Jobs

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It's Time To Modernize Jobs
It's Time To Modernize Jobs

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Despite the high importance for employee productivity, users currently only have access to every second application device-independently, according to the "Advanced Workplace Strategies" survey by the market researchers from IDC.

55 percent of those surveyed see improving IT security as the most important requirement for corporate IT. 35 percent say that IT workplaces need to be improved and mobile working made possible.

Further survey results show that the focus should be on job improvement. 23 percent of Generation Y (18 to 35 years), 17 percent of Generation X (36 to 49 years) and 6 percent of Baby Boomers (50 to 65 years) stated that they were unsatisfied with the technological design of the workplace.

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According to the survey results, fashionable jobs also promise great potential. From an IT perspective, 36 percent hope for improved business processes, 35 percent for higher productivity and 32 percent for higher employee motivation.

From a user point of view, there are advantages from a technologically modern workplace: 30 percent each expect time to be saved, higher productivity and that customers and partners can be better served.

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However, the survey results also show that in many places the course has not yet been set for flexible working. 42 percent of the department heads surveyed stated that the company requires their employees to be present. In addition, only 45 percent of employees use a smartphone, and 52 percent of the apps relevant to users are not available regardless of the device.

Challenges in IT workplace modernization

The biggest challenge in IT workplace modernization is for 39 percent the limited budget, for 36 percent guaranteeing IT security and compliance, and for 28 percent the coordination between IT and other departments.

Another 26 percent see the greatest challenge in the high level of complexity, and 23 percent lack the internal know-how.

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