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Hilger And Kern Is Realigning Business Areas

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Hilger And Kern Is Realigning Business Areas
Hilger And Kern Is Realigning Business Areas

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As part of a realignment, the two business areas of the Hilger-u.-Kern group "Dopag Dosier- und Mischtechnik" and "Hilger u. Kern Industrietechnik”each have their own brand appearance, as the company now announces.

"The main goal is to sharpen the Dopag brand," explains Steffen Knaus, Managing Director of Hilger u. Kern GmbH. In the past, the dosing and mixing technology systems in Germany were called Hilger u. Kern, but sold worldwide under Dopag. Now all dosing and mixing technology products are sold under the Dopag brand name. The addition "Member of the Hilger & Kern Group" clarifies the affiliation to the parent company in Mannheim.

Further development not only at the product level

Dopag is an international provider of dosing and mixing technology and is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. The brand relaunch, which has now been introduced to customers, comes for the birthday. This also includes a revised exhibition stand and the new homepage.

In the future, Dopag will focus on selected applications and the target industries derived from them. "We have defined focus markets in which we want to become the innovation leader," says Daniel Geier, Managing Director for Technology. "The aim is to assert ourselves among the top 3 global suppliers in the core applications and industries, or to move up there in the next three to five years."

"However, we are driving forward the further development of the company not only on the product level, but also in the areas of sales, culture and infrastructure," explains Dr. Mike Wehmeier, managing director for marketing and sales. (kj)

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