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Bridges Distance Of 6 M With Ease

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Bridges Distance Of 6 M With Ease
Bridges Distance Of 6 M With Ease

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Overcoming a length of 6 m is not an easy task even for experienced professionals in coupling construction. Precision aluminum tubes are considered an excellent solution in the lightweight construction of clearance-free spacer couplings. However, for the customer order that KBK Antriebstechnik had to fulfill, this material also reached its technical limits. "We had to come up with something completely new," explains Sven Karpstein, sales manager at KBK. The aluminum spacer would have weighed approx. 18 kg. In addition to the impractical handling during assembly, the high weight would have caused the coupling to sag easily, so that the system would have swung up if it rotated faster.


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Spacer couplings ensure optimal concentricity in dynamic drives

Composite material as a new solution

The KBK engineers contacted a manufacturer of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) and, with their support, constructed a distance clutch weighing only around 3 kg based on size 28 of the DRE spacer coupling, which does not sag and therefore has a relatively high number of revolutions even at a length of 6 m around 100 min -1 with a transferable nominal torque of 160 Nm. This solution is also said to offer high torsional rigidity. According to the manufacturer, the DRE can be easily mounted radially and has a vibration-dampening effect thanks to elastomer gear rings on both sides.

The prototype convinced the customer who needed the spacer coupling for an automobile production line. As with the aluminum variants, the hubs were glued to the tube. The adhesive process for the new material has been modified. For Sven Karpstein, the development with the successful prototype is not yet over: "With the experience from this development, we will of course design additional sizes of the carbon spacer according to customer requirements." (Sh)

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