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All Ingredients For Factory 4.0 On Site

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All Ingredients For Factory 4.0 On Site
All Ingredients For Factory 4.0 On Site

Video: All Ingredients For Factory 4.0 On Site

Video: All Ingredients For Factory 4.0 On Site
Video: Qualification for Industry 4.0 with the CP Factory 2023, December

The Hannover Messe is the world's leading trade fair for networked industry. Exhibitors show automation technology from sensors to cobot, software for virtual product development and factory control, concepts for continuous data exchange and platforms for the use of artificial intelligence. "If you want to get to know the production of the future in context, come to Hanover," says Arno Reich, head of department for the automation topics of the fair. "For years, the latest developments related to Industry 4.0 have been shown first in the halls of Industrial Automation and the Digital Factory. The topics that will dominate the fair in the coming year are digital twins, cobots and artificial intelligence.”


Make collaborative robots safe

Digital twins: double is better

When the physical and digital worlds merge, digital twins are born. They emerge with the product idea, serve as a virtual template during production, then continue to grow in the product creation process and remain connected to their real twin over the entire life cycle.

Reich explains: "There is huge potential for industry in the digital images of real products." Instead of expensive prototypes and lengthy test chains, digital twins can be used to run through all sorts of scenarios in a very short time, develop solution strategies, explore and implement improvement options.

A practical example: With the help of simulation software, the machine manufacturer Optima virtually simulates, tests and validates its packaging machines. The software comes from Siemens. In this way, the product flow of the machine can be calculated and optimized before the machine is actually built. “The digital twin of product and machine is no longer just useful for accelerating time to market. It is the basis for services such as predictive maintenance or new business models. Visitors will see these and other practical application examples at the upcoming Hanover Fair,”says Reich.


This is how the digital twin increases efficiency

Your cobot and helper

By 2019, around 1.4 million new industrial robots will be installed in the factories worldwide, according to the international industry association International Federation of Robotics. This should also include a large number of cobots, ie "collaborative robots" that work hand in hand with people.

“Smaller companies in particular need cost-effective, easy-to-use solutions if they want to take advantage of the opportunities offered by Industry 4.0. This is where the cobots come in,”says Reich. Cobots should be easy to program - some cobot models also learn independently. For example, a technician makes a movement with the robot arm and the cobot automatically mimics the action. They can be used flexibly at different points in the production chain.

"All leading robotics manufacturers will be represented at the upcoming trade fair to present their developments and clearly emphasize the benefits of the robot colleague," says Reich.

Machine learning through artificial intelligence

There are also increasing platforms for the use of artificial intelligence, for example for machine learning at the fair, which are represented by Microsoft or IBM with Watson IoT, among others.

Machine learning is a sub-area of artificial intelligence. Today, a variety of software technologies come under this term: computers learn to identify people in photos. They drive driverless cars through city traffic after training for a few thousand hours. You can find patterns in huge data sets.

"The benefit that this can bring to the manufacturing industry is enormous," says Reich. “For example, machines can independently optimize the production process in the future and thus ensure maximum efficiency. Visitors can take the first steps into this new world of production at Hannover Messe 2017.”(kj)

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