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Industrial Ethernet Switches For Reliable Communication In Automation

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Industrial Ethernet Switches For Reliable Communication In Automation
Industrial Ethernet Switches For Reliable Communication In Automation

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The Layer 2 network components can be integrated into both Profinet and EtherNet / IP diagnostics. The switches are characterized by a large number of ports and connections, a robust housing, an extended temperature range from -40 ° C to 70 ° C as well as approval for potentially explosive areas (ATEX Zone 2, IECEx). As a result, they can be used flexibly, for example in mechanical engineering, transport, in the automotive or the oil and gas industry.

Submit video data

Siemens offers the Switch Scalance XC206-2SFP with two gigabit ports for the transmission of large amounts of data. For example, users can transmit video data from tunnel cameras to a control center.

The Scalance XC-200 devices are available in different versions with up to 24 RJ45 ports and two ST / BFOC or two SC ports. With the Scalance XC206-2SFP, users can flexibly select two ports. Depending on requirements, FiberOptic SFPs are used for single mode with a maximum range of up to 200 km or for multimode with up to 5 km range.

All devices are equipped with a redundant power supply. It enables reliable operation even if a power supply fails.

Robust and versatile mountable

The robust housing and the retaining collar, in combination with the Fast Connect plugs and cables, ensure stable RJ45 connections in an environment subject to shock and vibration. Thanks to their design, users can mount the managed Industrial Ethernet switches on the wall, on a 35 mm DIN rail or a Simatic S7-1500 standard rail. Clearly arranged diagnostic LEDs and a signaling contact enable precise determination of the device status as well as fast and reliable diagnostic evaluations.

Integrated firmware functionalities also increase the reliability of the network. For example, virtual LANs (VLANs) divide the physical network into several virtual areas, thereby minimizing the number of broadcasts in the network. Redundancy protocols such as Highspeed Redundancy Protocol (HRP) and Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP) enable high availability of machines and systems: If the communication fails, the redundant path is switched within 200 ms. It is also possible via HRP to couple several redundant rings with each other (standby master / slave).

Monitor fiber optic cables

The fiber monitoring function integrated in all Scalance XC-200 with fiber-optic connection continuously monitors the optical fibers. It warns the user if the cables age or become dirty. This enables predictive maintenance and reduces downtimes in systems. Additional functions such as link aggregation and remote network monitoring (RMON) complete the firmware spectrum of the Scalance XC-200 product line.

For the new Scalance XC-200 switches, as for all Scalance products, there is a five-year warranty. (jv)

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