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3D Printing Challenge Is Looking For The Most Creative Design

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3D Printing Challenge Is Looking For The Most Creative Design
3D Printing Challenge Is Looking For The Most Creative Design

Video: 3D Printing Challenge Is Looking For The Most Creative Design

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Video: 3D Printing MORE of your weird wheel designs using PrusaSlicer 2023, January

Students from all over the world can now submit their designs for the 13th Extreme Redesign 3D Printing Challenge from Stratasys. After the success of the past years, this year's competition takes place for the first time with the support of the digital manufacturing platform Grab CAD. The platform helps designers and engineers with product development by connecting the community to each other, giving them access to models and technologies.

Product needs to be developed using 3D printing

Students can participate in the fields of mechanical engineering / engineering, art, jewelry production or architecture. The only requirement for participating in the competition is that applicants use 3D printing to create a new product or to further develop or redesign an existing one. The submissions must be mechanically error-free, realistic and feasible. Assessment criteria are:

  • Mechanical design
  • Creative creativity
  • Product benefit / function
  • Aesthetics (in the fields of art, jewelry production and architecture)
  • Convincing presentation

The participating teams or individuals are asked to develop their submitted models using 3D CAD software. Then they register for a free Grab CAD community account and submit their files there in STL format on the Grab CAD Challenge platform. In addition to the file, a description of the design should be provided that explains its benefits and benefits. Participation is possible in the following areas:

  • Mechanical engineering / engineering: secondary schools
  • Mechanical engineering / engineering: universities
  • Art, jewelry production, architecture: every level of education

Free CAD platform as a basis

What is special about this year's challenge is the first-time integration of Grab CAD. Since 2010, millions of engineers have been sharing CAD files and design tips with the Grab CAD community, taking part in creative competitions, or downloading free CAD models to benefit from existing data and to complete projects faster. Over the years, the platform has held hundreds of technology and creative competitions with companies such as GE, NASA or Microtechnologies, as well as in various Stratasys divisions such as Education, Medical and Makerbot.

Since the start of the first competition 13 years ago, Stratasys has awarded a total of more than $ 140,000 for the submitted developments. This year, first place winners in each category will receive $ 2500 in prize money. The lecturers in the first place also benefit from the success of their students, because they receive a demo version of a 3D printer that they can use in their classrooms for a limited period of time. The runners-up will each receive a $ 1,000 grant. The top ten submissions from each category will also receive a 3D printed model of their submitted design. All participants will also receive an official extreme redesign t-shirt.

Further information and the complete conditions of participation can be found on the Extreme Redesign website or directly from Grab CAD. The deadline for submitting models ends on March 9, 2017. (kj)

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