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New IO-Link Master For Harsh Industrial Environments

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New IO-Link Master For Harsh Industrial Environments
New IO-Link Master For Harsh Industrial Environments

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Video: Dual IO-Link Master Transceiver: MAX14819 Demo 2023, February

The device expands the IO-Link portfolio and also offers event and process time stamp functions for on-machine applications. The new IO-Link master stores up to 40 time stamps from sensor events on each channel. This event history enables users to track changes and diagnose problems more easily. The input time stamp of all sensor data can also be sent to the controller when the status changes. These and other diagnostics provided by the device can reduce troubleshooting times by up to 90%, improve preventive maintenance, and optimize overall system performance.

Better diagnostics for troubleshooting

"The Armor Block IO-Link master in conjunction with IO-Link-capable sensors supports manufacturing companies in developing more intelligent processes without the need for a complete overhaul," said Teo Löwe, Commercial Engineer A&S, Rockwell Automation. “You can implement functions for monitoring the temperature and tolerance displays or proximity parameters in critical processes. And they can use them specifically in problem areas in which better diagnoses are required for troubleshooting.”

While the new Armor Block IO-Link master is designed for use in harsh applications, the Rockwell Automation portfolio also includes a solution for the control cabinet for simpler applications. Only one Ethernet cable from the control cabinet or from the Ethernet switch is required for the on-machine option.

Less cables

With the two embedded Ethernet switches, the Armor Block can thus be integrated into a Device Level Ring Architecture (DLR). This reduces the number and length of the cables to be laid and thus possible sources of error.

The Armor Block IO-Link master offers optional connection options for up to eight IO-Link sensors, standard sensors or actuators. Master and sensors use a common IP address, which helps end customers to reduce the costs and effort for commissioning the devices. Rockwell Automation also offers its own Smart IO-Link sensors that can be easily integrated into Studio 5000 using Plug & Play. (jv)

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