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New Length Measuring Systems With High Durability

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New Length Measuring Systems With High Durability
New Length Measuring Systems With High Durability

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Video: RD-505A Cut to Length Cable Measuring System 2023, February

The open metal tape length measuring system ABS ST1300 is particularly suitable for automation with large travel distances and shines with its compact design and outstanding performance. Depending on the NC controller, it achieves a traversing speed of up to 8 m / s with a maximum effective measuring length of 12 m. The resolution is only one nm, at 20 ° the ABS ST 1300 impresses with an accuracy of 10 μm. These absolute length measuring systems are based on optical position detection and are therefore insensitive to oil and dust. The ABS ST1300 can be connected to Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Yasakawa and Panasonic NC systems.

For cramped conditions

The compact, open, incremental length measuring system ST46-EZA is designed for use in particularly restricted positions in special machines and measuring banks. Depending on the variant, the resolution reaches up to 0.05 μm. It uses an RS-422 / 2Vpp output signal for a quick connection to the controller.

The new encapsulated absolute length measuring system AT 500, which now comes with a Siemens DRIVE-CLiQ interface, is used in high-speed machining centers such as turning and grinding machines. The highly stable S-series impresses with resistance to shocks of up to 35 g and vibrations up to 20 g. Thanks to temperature compensation, the high-precision H series offers excellent accuracy of 2 + 2L / 1000 (μm). The resolution is either 1 or 10 nm. The travel speed of up to 2.5 m / s makes it one of the fastest encapsulated systems. (jv)

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