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New Weighing Solutions And Fiber Optic Measurement Technology

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New Weighing Solutions And Fiber Optic Measurement Technology
New Weighing Solutions And Fiber Optic Measurement Technology

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Video: Fiber Optics Sensing System: A New Technology for Measurement 2023, February

The product range of Laumas weighing and dosing solutions includes coordinated systems consisting of load cells, weighing modules and electronic weighing transmitters. The TLB transmitter can be installed in almost any industrial system via the PLC interfaces of the established international control manufacturers. ATEX-certified transmitters are also available for use in potentially explosive environments. The products are suitable for the measurement of tensile and compressive loads and are used, for example, in silo weighing, weighing rails or industrial weighing systems with several stations.

Practically maintenance-free system

In addition, Althen presents fiber optic measurement technology from the Canadian manufacturer Opsens. The solutions are based on WLPI technology (White Light Polarization Interferometry). Due to the use of broadband white light and the independence of the intensity of the light signal, optical losses have no influence and make the system practically maintenance-free.

Disturbances such as temperature changes, vibration, EMI or the movement of the fiber have no negative influence on the measurement signal, which is a great advantage over fiber Bragg technology (FBG). In addition, the sensors have a high level of (intrinsic) safety and can record various sizes such as pressure, temperature, displacement, and elongation and displacement, even in potentially explosive environments.

Very wide temperature range

GE Sensing products are also new. Althen shows the digital pressure sensor DPS 5000-Canopen at the fair. The sensor has a measuring range from 70 mbar to 100 bar. The total error band over the compensated temperature range from -40 ° C to 125 ° C is specified with ± 0.1%.

With its very wide compensated temperature range, the pressure sensor is particularly recommended for demanding tasks in the aviation sector and for driving tests for cars and commercial vehicles. Due to the very low total error tolerance band in connection with the wide temperature range, the sensor is also predestined for use on engine and transmission test benches. (jv)


Offer expanded to include fiber optic measurement technology

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