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A Look Into The Future Of Composite Materials

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A Look Into The Future Of Composite Materials
A Look Into The Future Of Composite Materials

Video: A Look Into The Future Of Composite Materials

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Video: Introducing the Future of Manufacturing | Tyler Alvarado | TEDxCoeurdalene 2023, January

Lightweight construction, resource efficiency and multi-material design are the focus of this year's Composites Europe. 350 exhibitors from 27 nations show the state of the art and the future market potential of fiber composite materials at the largest event in their industry in Germany - and not only in the exhibition area, but also in the numerous event areas, in lecture forums, themed tours and workshops. With the new Lightweight Technologies Forum, the trade fair is also addressing current issues in multi-material lightweight construction.

Know-how on special areas and in forums

Visitors can find know-how from industry and science in the special areas and in the forums, which this year will address the application industries of composite materials even more.

At the Product Demonstration Area, exhibitors such as KraussMaffei, Saertex, Gaugler and Lutz or the Eastman Machine Company show their high-tech products and demonstrate production processes in live demonstrations.

The Institute for Plastics Processing (IKV), Aachen, presents on the special area Industry meets Science together with its partners from RWTH Aachen University composite developments and highlights under the motto "Resource efficiency for increased profitability", including developments from the areas of Industry 4.0, additive manufacturing and hybrid lightweight construction.

The Composites Forum focuses on the challenges, potentials and limits of composites in the user industries. The topics of the expert contributions range from mass production in vehicle construction to rotor blade construction in wind energy to resource efficiency and lightweight design 4.0. Visitors to the forum are free of charge.

Meanwhile, the trend towards modern multi-material systems is reflected in the new Lightweight Technologies Forum as part of Composites Europe and the aluminum taking place in parallel. The combined exhibition and lecture forum becomes the cross-material interface of metal and fiber composite technologies in structural components. In application-oriented thematic blocks, experts from the field will give lectures on current issues relating to composite materials in the areas of automotive, aerospace and architecture. There are also cross-sector thematic blocks on manufacturing and production technology, such as joining and joining different materials. A visit to the forum - like the aluminum - is included in the ticket for trade fair visitors.In the accompanying exhibition area of ​​the Lightweight Technologies Forum, selected companies show their solutions for multi-material lightweight construction, including Gummiwerk Kraiburg, Gunnar International Weissenberger, Linn High Therm, Saertex, Trilogiq Germany and Wickeder Westfalenstahl.

Guided tours of the fair

The topics of wind energy, automobile construction, aviation and thermoplastic composites are the focus of the “Guided Tours”. The guided tours lead to exhibitors who give an overview of your products and current projects at their booth. Participation is free, but registration is required due to the limited number of participants. (qui)

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