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Electrical Industry As A Key Player In Industry 4.0

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Electrical Industry As A Key Player In Industry 4.0
Electrical Industry As A Key Player In Industry 4.0

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"The electronics industry is the leading branch of digitization and a key player in Industry 4.0," explains Roland Bent, board member of the ZVEI Automation Association and managing director at Phoenix Contact at the SPS IPC Drives 2016. "Based on the reference architecture model Industry 4.0 developed at ZVEI, In short Rami 4.0, we have made great strides forward and are playing a leading role."

More transparency in Industry 4.0

Gunther Koschnick, Managing Director of the ZVEI Automation Association, added: "The next step is to create more transparency in Industry 4.0 and to clear up the jungle of terms." For this reason, the ZVEI has a guide for general and manufacturer-independent Industry 4.0 Product criteria published, which was developed together with the Industrie 4.0 platform. "We want to create more security in the market," explains Koschnick. The criteria of the guide are based on Rami 4.0 and the Industry 4.0 component.

In terms of industrial policy, too, much had been achieved in 2016 through the establishment and close cooperation of the Standardization Council Industry 4.0, Labs Network Industry 4.0 and the Platform Industry 4.0. "With this triad, we set the tone for the implementation of Industry 4.0," says Bent.

Energy efficiency in the entire drive system

In addition to Industry 4.0, energy efficiency in the drive system is another important topic at the exhibition in Nuremberg. "Energy efficiency is part of the complete drive system," says Karl-Peter Simon, chairman of the ZVEI electrical drives department and managing director at Bauer Gear Motor GmbH. "The new EN 50598 standard focuses precisely on this and no longer looks at individual components, but opens up to the entire drive system." The importance of the system approach also makes the implementation of the European standard EN 50598 into the international IEC standard 61800-9 clear. Against this background, the ZVEI is presenting a manufacturer-independent online calculation tool for easy implementation of the standard at the SPS IPC Drives 2016.

Economy: Upswing expected for 2017

Although the first nine months of 2016 fell slightly short of expectations, the industry is looking ahead with confidence. "2017 will be a good year for the German automation industry," says Bent. Developments around the topic of Industry 4.0 are an economic engine. The ZVEI also sees growth potential in (intra-) logistics, infrastructure and the automotive industry. "We expect growth of three to six percent in factory automation and up to three percent in process automation," says Bent.

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