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Two Happy Automation App Award Winners

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Two Happy Automation App Award Winners
Two Happy Automation App Award Winners

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Video: Paul Krugman: Economics of Innovation, Automation, Safety Nets & UBI | Lex Fridman Podcast #67 2023, January

Apps have not only conquered the world since yesterday. The market for little helpers is growing steadily. In Germany alone, there is a sales volume of 1.3 billion euros behind the mobile apps. The forecast worldwide sales of the app stores are expected to be $ 8.46 billion. However, the signs of growth are not only on the sales side, the range of apps is becoming more and more diverse and the downloads are increasing. For example, the cumulative downloads in the Apple App Store up to June 2016 amount to 130 billion. Reason enough for industry and electrical engineering to deal intensively with the topic of apps in the world of automation.

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Best apps searched and found: At the SPS IPC Drives 2016, electrical engineering awarded the best company apps for automation for the fifth time in the categories engineering and production. Six apps made it onto the shortlist by a preselection of the five-person jury.

The evaluation criteria for the Automation App Award came from five different areas. The degree of originality was a building block. In addition, the jury also attached great importance to the user-friendliness and user-friendliness of the applications. Furthermore, the aspect of security was in the foreground. The jury attaches great importance to the sensitive handling of data. The last two evaluation criteria dealt with the topics relevance and utility. They are closely related and pose the question of their importance and suitability for the automation technology sector. In a first round, the evaluation committee tested the applications of the participating companies with regard to these points and created the shortlist.In the second round of the competition, in addition to the jury, the readers of the electrical engineering automation also gave their opinion on the reduced app selection via online voting.

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