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Biography Of An Unemployed Electrical Engineer

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Biography Of An Unemployed Electrical Engineer
Biography Of An Unemployed Electrical Engineer

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In a prayer wheel, business associations point out the impending lack of engineers that Germany will face in the coming years. At the beginning of September, the VDE forecast that at least 100,000 additional electrical engineers will be required over the next ten years.

But these numbers are increasingly being challenged. After the study was published, numerous voices spoke in the online forum, which describe a completely different situation. For example, an anonymous user asked the question: "Why are there still thousands of highly qualified, but still unemployed victims of various Siemens debacles in Munich alone, who still haven't found a reasonably adequate job as an electrical engineer years after their forced retirement?"

According to the VDI, these are mostly individual fates, which may have to do with the lack of flexibility of the job seeker or too high salary expectations. Michael Schanz, the labor market expert at VDE, adds that unemployment may also be due to the fact that engineers may have only dealt with a particular technology in the course of their professional life, which has since been replaced.

The experience of a 55-year-old unemployed electrical engineer who has been looking for a job for about two years shows that other reasons also play a role. In an interview with the engineer, he put it on record: “It has always been an experience that employers are always looking for a candidate who is 100 percent suitable for the job. A 90 percent fit is no longer accepted, even if the training period in the remaining 10 percent would be negligible. In my opinion, it is better to look for the ideal candidate for 10 months than to train an applicant for 2-3 months in a new subject area. So for me, the companies' level of suffering is not particularly high."

The engineer in question, who completed his degree in electrical engineering in 1990 with a degree in engineering, worked in the electronics industry for 24 years before receiving a termination agreement in early 2014. He responded to this in order to avoid operational dismissal. In these 24 years, he worked as a field application engineer and as a systems engineer for various application groups, some with worldwide product responsibility. He was also involved in three inventions.

24 years of experience are not honored

He was looked after by an outplacement agency for 22 months. There were also contacts with headhunters. In conversation with the labor market experts, it became clear that “24 years of experience are not rewarded. The limit is 10-15 years. Anyone who was there for a longer period of time must therefore return to this salary level."

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