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Software Enables Multidisciplinary Product Development

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Software Enables Multidisciplinary Product Development
Software Enables Multidisciplinary Product Development

Video: Software Enables Multidisciplinary Product Development

Video: Software Enables Multidisciplinary Product Development
Video: Creating a multidisciplinary course: Cosmetic product development and R&D management 2023, December

Solidthinking, Inc. has released a new software suite for multidisciplinary design and calculation. This model-based development suite is intended to promote innovation through simulation. The combination of mathematical, signal-based, physical and three-dimensional modeling technology is unique. This enables concept studies, controller development, optimization of the overall system, as well as the implementation and testing of control units.

"These new tools were developed with awareness of where innovation really takes place," says Dr. Michael Hoffmann, Senior Vice President for Math and Systems, Solidthinking. “In the age of the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0, it is important to offer solutions that support multidisciplinary development, taking into account all mechanical, electrical and control systems. This is the only way to develop innovative products for a wide variety of applications, from autonomous vehicles to wearables.”

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Solidthinking's model-based development software includes:

  • Compose offers engineers, scientists and product developers a matrix-based language and a modern programming environment at the highest level and includes all types of mathematical operations, including matrix analysis, differential equations, signal analysis and controller design.
  • Activate enables product developers and engineers from the areas of system simulation and control technology to model, simulate and optimize multidisciplinary systems using a block diagram environment. The dual modeling is unique; signal-based and physical (Modelica) modeling in the same diagram.
  • Embed enables control engineers and developers of embedded products to integrate multirate control systems very quickly on the desired microprocessors thanks to its powerful "diagram-to-code" function.

Solidthinkings Compose, Activate and Embed are easily available for customers via the global partner network and Altair's patented Hyperworks license model. (mz)