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Cages, Clearance, Fits: Specify Rolling Bearings Correctly

Cages, Clearance, Fits: Specify Rolling Bearings Correctly
Cages, Clearance, Fits: Specify Rolling Bearings Correctly

Video: Cages, Clearance, Fits: Specify Rolling Bearings Correctly

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Depending on the size and requirement profile, different types of rolling bearing cages are available: sheet metal cages are suitable for small rolling bearings, solid cages should be used for medium to large bearings. For very special requirements, special cages from Findling Rolling Bearings, which may be individually manufactured, can meet these requirements. By the way: With the right roller bearing cages, existing problems can often be remedied.

There are also some basic rules to be followed when choosing the internal clearance of rolling bearings. For example, a higher internal clearance is generally recommended for high-temperature applications. The reason: If the bearings expand thermally, there is a temperature difference between the inner and outer ring and the bearing clearance decreases.

Last but not least, the fit is of great importance for the performance of a rolling bearing: If the fit is chosen unfavorably, a greatly reduced operating internal clearance due to higher friction in the bearing can lead to wear or material removal on the rolling element raceways. In general, the choice of fit should always be based on the load ratio. The greater the load, the greater the fit oversize should be selected, whereby it should be noted here that an oversize fit reduces the clearance.

If you are unsure about the selection of cages, clearance and fits, you should contact an expert. With professional application advice from Findling Wälzlager, the requirements of the respective application are precisely analyzed using computer simulations and the in-house ABEG calculation programs. Findling Wälzlager offers a training program for customers who prefer to build their own expert knowledge. If there is a problem with existing applications, Findling Rolling Bearings can help with a professional damage analysis: The company acts as an independent partner who researches the causes of the damage and helps to remedy the problems. (ud)

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