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High-precision Chuck With Non-stick Coating

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High-precision Chuck With Non-stick Coating
High-precision Chuck With Non-stick Coating

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The SAV Group has developed the 3-jaw chuck with large opening especially for use in machining technologies that require the highest precision. This should make it the ideal chuck for cylindrical grinding, hard turning and precision turning with a counter spindle and for both internal and external clamping. Based on decades of know-how in rotary clamping technology and with high-precision manufacturing processes, SAV wants to achieve a concentricity repeatability of less than 0.003 mm with the HPF series.

The innovative jaw interface, which the company has developed especially for the HPF series, is intended to ensure particularly precise repeatability. The wedge hub connection between the base and top jaw ensures that no reworking of the clamping points is required after changing the jaws.

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No smearing, less cleaning

A permanent lubrication and thus constant clamping force should ensure an oil filling. The chuck is sealed against the ingress of dirt and cooling lubricant and against the leakage of the lubricant. The design-optimized double-angle housing is designed to guide the dirt away from the clamping point using centrifugal forces. According to the company, a non-stick coating also ensures that no dirt sticks to the feed. The effort for cleaning work is thus reduced.

Despite the lightweight construction, the 3-jaw high-precision power chuck of the HPF series is particularly wear-resistant according to the SAV. Because selected materials such as high-strength aluminum are used, customers benefit from a long service life. The chuck is actuated by means of a power cylinder. (sh)

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