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Highly Flexible Ribbon Cables Defy Wear

Highly Flexible Ribbon Cables Defy Wear
Highly Flexible Ribbon Cables Defy Wear

Video: Highly Flexible Ribbon Cables Defy Wear

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Video: Flexible flat cable FFC cable repair methods 2023, January

The difference to conventional flat cables in the new manufacturing process from E&E Kabeltechnik lies in the processing of different material combinations: PTFE / PUR, PTFE / FEP and PTFE / PTFE are processed. The operating temperatures can be between –200 ° C and over 250 ° C. The highly flexible modular special cables of the Lamifleex type should be particularly durable even with extremely small bending radii - according to E&E, a hundred million bending cycles are possible. The smallest possible cable construction should enable small installation dimensions. Hybrid constructions with conductors for electricity, data, media and the like are also possible.

Low cable weights and thus low mass inertia should allow high accelerations. According to E&E, the temperature and media-resistant cables are particularly slippery and are suitable for horizontal and vertical use in automation technology (e.g. for linear drives), fast pick-and-place applications, placement machines and in the semiconductor industry. Other areas of application include clean room and vacuum technology as well as medical and measurement technology. (sh)

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