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Japanese Technology Group Invests In Europe

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Japanese Technology Group Invests In Europe
Japanese Technology Group Invests In Europe

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The Japanese technology group Yaskawa is intensifying its presence in Europe: The aim is to be among the two leading manufacturers of industrial robots in Europe in strategic target markets in the medium term. This was stated by Hiroshi Ogasawara, Representative Director & President Yaskawa Electric Corporation, and Manfred Stern, President & CEO Yaskawa Europe, Corporate Vice President Yaskawa Electric, on Monday, November 21, 2016 at a press conference in Frankfurt am Main.

2018 first robots made in Europe

In particular, Yaskawa wants to expand its manufacturing capacities and, in addition to the existing production facilities in Japan and China, open a new robot production facility and a new European robotics development center in Slovenia. Two hundred new jobs are planned there. In 2018, the first Yaskawa Motoman robots are to be manufactured from a purely European production. The plant is expected to meet approximately 80% of European robotic needs. The investment volume is around 25 million euros.

Yaskawa - with more than 350,000 installed units a global player in the field of industrial robots - is pursuing an ambitious expansion strategy in Europe. The company, which was founded in 1915, is thus acting against the international trend of relocating technology know-how and production expertise from Europe to Asia.

Yaskawa is getting closer to Europe

Yaskawa already employs around 350 development and application engineers in Europe. The new production and development capacities enable faster, customer-specific robotics solutions for customers in Europe. Last but not least, this should strengthen cooperation with OEMs in these markets. It also brings Yaskawa even closer to European market and technology trends.

"Europe is a leader in many technologies and we want to consistently show our customers that we like to be here to develop efficient solutions with them," added Stern. The expansion of European activities takes place on the one hand through investments both in the existing business with robots and in the area of ​​electrical drive technology. On the other hand, Yaskawa recently expanded the business model in the areas of industrial control technology and 'green energy' through strategic acquisitions. The focus is on energy solutions in the areas of wind power and electrification of ship propulsion systems. (kj)

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