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Hans-Rudolf Schurter Is Entrepreneur Of The Year

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Hans-Rudolf Schurter Is Entrepreneur Of The Year
Hans-Rudolf Schurter Is Entrepreneur Of The Year

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The international auditing company Ernst & Young annually awards the “Entrepreneur of the Year” award in various categories in over 70 countries. On October 28, 2016, the company Hans-Rudolf Schurter in Lausanne recognized the Entrepreneur Of The Year 2016 in the “Family Business” category.

The Oscar of entrepreneurship

The competition for the “Entrepreneur of the Year” is under the patronage of the global auditing company Ernst & Young and is held annually in over 70 countries. The award, which is presented in the categories industry, services, start-ups and family businesses, is, so to speak, the "Oscar" of entrepreneurship, a renowned award for entrepreneurial creativity. This award recognizes and recognizes innovative and successful entrepreneurs from every country.

In Switzerland, up to 50 entrepreneurs are nominated from the numerous applications received. Based on the submitted documents and personal interviews with the applicants, 12 to 15 finalists will be selected. Ultimately, the jury awards the winner with the EoY award in one of the above categories. All categories of the award were ceremoniously awarded and handed over on October 28, 2016 in Lausanne.

A prudent, thoughtful and humane boss

The Schurter Group described the election of the long-time CEO and today's Chairman of the Board of Directors, Hans-Rudolf Schurter, as a great honor.

Claude Raymond Cornaz, CEO of the Vetropack Group, gave the eulogy for “HRS”, as the company claims to call it: “As a third generation entrepreneur, Hans-Rudolf Schurter has strongly promoted the growth of the group. He was valued as a prudent, considered and always human-minded boss at all locations. Hans-Rudolf Schurter has given his successor a modern, internationally well-positioned and independent group of companies. The guiding principle of him was and is predictability. According to this motto, he also bundled the interests of the owner family and laid important foundations for future-oriented family governance. The jury is convinced that thanks to Hans-Rudolf Schurter, the Schurter Group will continue to have a great future as a family company.”(Kj)

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