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New Interface Connects Eplan And PDM System Pro.File

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New Interface Connects Eplan And PDM System Pro.File
New Interface Connects Eplan And PDM System Pro.File

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Video: Интеграция EPLAN c PDM Teamcenter 2023, January

Construction data management, parts list management, article synchronization and authentication including assignment of rights - according to Eplan, these are the decisive features of the new integration with the Pro.File PDM system. The Pro.File connector was developed by Procad in collaboration with Eplan and is now available. It makes it easier for users to maintain consistent data throughout the entire product life cycle.

Manage product data sustainably

The integration of Eplan in Pro.File also completes the product models with E-CAD data such as connection lists, circuit diagrams in electrical and fluid technology, parts lists and Eplan evaluations in Pro.File. The PLM process is mapped across systems. The result is smooth processes in the area of ​​parts and parts list management and the sustainable management of product data. Metadata is automatically synchronized. Project data redundancies are avoided by referencing instead of duplicates. Data sovereignty is defined in the system.

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More transparency for safe processes

The comprehensive design data management ensures the opening, saving and revision of data such as projects. Automatic article synchronization allows articles to be created, imported and updated in EPLAN. The bill of materials management is important for designers, which is consistently supported with Pro.File. Bills of materials as well as manufacturing documents are automatically created and saved as a result of the design. Particularly interesting for users: catalog parts can also be compared bidirectionally. This ensures a uniform quality of the article master data for electrical components. Authentication and assignment of rights are also fully supported with the Eplan Pro.File connector. Standardized, company-specific approval processes ensure an efficient workflow.

Consistent data

Consistent data in the product development process are the basis for process reliability, product quality and interdisciplinary collaboration over the entire product life cycle. The development of the new integration solution is based on the ERP / PDM Integration Suite, which is available as a standard from solution provider Eplan. Eplan currently offers further standardized PLM / PDM interfaces for Autodesk Vault, PTC Windchill, SAP and Siemens Teamcenter. (mz)

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