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Clamp Different Geometries Quickly And Flexibly

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Clamp Different Geometries Quickly And Flexibly
Clamp Different Geometries Quickly And Flexibly

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Video: Clamp complex shapes very fast with MATRIX X-CLAMP / Komplexe Teile schnell spannen mit X-CLAMP 2023, February

Clamping jaws The quick-change jaw system can be retrofitted on any jaw chuck for raw and finished part clamping, regardless of manufacturer and type. It allows maximum flexibility and shortest set-up times of just 15 s for a complete jaw set. Users can mill the individually required workpiece contour themselves in the soft Schunk Pronto prism jaws. Alternatively, Schunk configures, manufactures and delivers the individual prism jaws based on the workpiece data within a very short time. The prism jaws are supplemented with Schunk claw clamping inserts for clamping the blank.

Fast and precise jaw change

Schunk Pronto prism jaws can be used extremely flexibly in combination with Schunk Pronto carrier jaws. To change the jaws rapidly, it is sufficient to release the lock with a hexagon wrench, remove the prism jaw clamping insert and replace it with another clamping insert. When changing jaws, incorrect positioning via the teeth is excluded. Since the repeatability is excellent at 0.02 mm, once turned or individually milled clamping inserts can be reused at any time. When locked, a six-sided form fit ensures maximum process stability and enables high power and torque transmission.

Schunk Pronto carrier jaws are available in two versions: on the one hand, serrated (1/16 "x 90 ° or 1.5 mm x 60 °) as set-up time killer for conventional lathe chucks, and on the other hand straight or helical toothed to expand the possibilities of the Pronto system even on modern ones The carrier jaws can be combined with a wide variety of quick-change inserts, such as soft jaws, claw jaws or prismatic jaws can be expanded without having to move the base jaw.

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