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Reduce Lead Times

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Reduce Lead Times
Reduce Lead Times

Video: Reduce Lead Times

Video: Reduce Lead Times
Video: How to reduce Lead Time 2023, December

ESI's virtual manufacturing solution enables foundries to significantly improve the development and quality of the parts they produce. With ESI Pro-Cast, you can predict manufacturing defects early on without the need for an expensive, physical test cast.

Reduce set-up times significantly

Component development and manufacturing processes can be corrected well before the start of production. This results in lower reject rates and components of consistently high quality. Pro-Cast 2016 promises even faster throughput times with new workflows specifically designed for mold and die casting. The set-up times for permanent mold casting - the most common sand casting process - can be reduced to just a few minutes. The die casting workflow now also addresses the machine selection and bridges the gap between development and production in order to become even more efficient in production.

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A complete solution

The casting simulation supports manufacturing companies and foundries to meet new and increasingly tough market expectations and to achieve the highest possible quality and productivity. To achieve this, ESI Pro-Cast offers a complete solution that covers all foundry processes and the alloys that are used in various industrial sectors. The latest version focuses on the central, industrial challenges in sand, fine and die casting processes in the automotive, aerospace and heavy industry sectors.

Fast simulation setup

For sand casting processes, ESI Pro-Cast 2016 was supplemented by a dedicated workflow for permanent mold casting, which enables a simulation to be set up within minutes. Taking into account all process parameters relevant for highly accurate results, this step-by-step approach can be individually adapted to meet all the special requirements and processes of foundries. Especially when repeating similar tasks, a significantly improved usability can be achieved. The new functionality is easy to use and can be mastered by any foundry employee within a few days.

Virtual casting piston control in real time

Another notable addition to Pro-Cast 2016, it is said, is the introduction of a machine selection workflow based on its own database for die casting machines, including Colosio machines. The new functionality enables the user to define operating points and work areas for each machine using the P-Q² diagram. This information is processed by the Pro-Cast-Solver for a virtual casting piston control in real time. This enables the user to set the parameters exactly as on the real machine. This workflow extension saves a considerable amount of time for process development and provides the opportunity to carry out a virtual benchmark and select the most suitable machine for specific jobs. (mz)