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16 Tools - One Control

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16 Tools - One Control
16 Tools - One Control

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Designed for precision, efficiency and productivity, Live-Wire enables the control of up to 16 tools on just one screwdriver control. Each tool communicates directly with the network. The transferred tool data can also be read on an integrated display. The Cleco M-Pro 400GC controller ensures high torque accuracy as well as precise process control and documentation during all screwdriving processes. By using a WLAN interface and the highest security encryption and authentication levels, Live-Wire guarantees secure data transmission for all safety-relevant screwdriving applications from 3 to 90 Nm.

Live-Wire offers numerous functions for high-precision torque, angle of rotation and speed control. For safety-relevant screwing cases, the motor current can be monitored as a redundant measured variable for the torque. This means that fittings of class A according to VDI / VDE 2862 can also be screwed securely.

DC motor

Four tips for choosing a DC or BLDC motor

The use of the new generation of angular heads of the P series with spiral toothed bevel gear improves durability and precision and doubles the intervals for preventive maintenance compared to previous tools to 500,000 screwing cycles.

"With the live wire system, we not only wanted to create a product series that is robust enough for the industrial environment, but above all that allows reliable communication almost everywhere in the production area," said Adrian Hetzel, Global Product Manager Electric Tools, Apex Tool Group. "The combination of wireless functionality with unmatched performance enables customers to be mobile and flexible in a variety of industrial applications."


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