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Wireless Safety For Machines And Systems

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Wireless Safety For Machines And Systems
Wireless Safety For Machines And Systems

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Video: Product presentation - Safety Simplifier - wireless safety plc 2023, January

A cable is only required for the power supply, which can be supplied via any 24 V DC potential. The Safety Simplifier can be modularly adapted to the customer's application and can be equipped with a wide variety of operating elements, such as selector switches or push buttons for requesting and acknowledging. Safety sensors, light curtains, door tumblers or enabling buttons are then simply connected to the Safety Simplifier on site. The cabling effort is thus reduced to a minimum and at the same time the user saves the use of a safety controller.

Community development

By introducing the Safety Simplifier, SSP is not only expanding its product portfolio, but also its commitment to the global market. Because the Safety Simplifier is a joint development by SSP Germany and SSP North AB, which was driven by Johann Aulila and Mats Linger. The two gentlemen have been working together for over 20 years: Mats Linger was one of the founders, partners and managing directors of Jokab Safety AB from Sweden before it was sold to ABB in 2009. Johann Aulila was the managing partner of the German sales office. (jv)

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