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In-mold Decoration For Fiber Composite Components

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In-mold Decoration For Fiber Composite Components
In-mold Decoration For Fiber Composite Components

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Video: Making a Composite Mould for a Carbon Fibre Part from a 3D Printed Pattern 2023, February

The thermoplastic fiber-reinforced semi-finished product Tepex from Bond Laminates is formed in the injection mold and overmoulded with plastic, and the component is decorated with in-mold film in the same shot. This efficient one-shot process significantly shortens the decoration of composites because the usual painting and sanding work is no longer necessary.

Tool technology posed a particular challenge in the new manufacturing process, which had to create the conditions for a perfect connection between Tepex and plastic material. The in-mold decoration linked to the process placed additional demands on both the entire process and the tool technology. Injection molding tools had to be developed that enable a stable injection molding and coating process under these conditions. The film feed unit was also adapted to the specific process requirements.

In addition, Kurz has developed an IMD (in-mold decoration) decoration system with a special formulation that is tailored to the new process. Its paint package bonds firmly and customer specifications in accordance with the materials of the composite component. The company also supplies trendy designs with matt or slightly textured surfaces, for example with brushed metal or structured optics, which are particularly suitable for decorating fiber composite parts. Designs with partially transparent areas that underline the carbon look of the composite material can also be implemented. (qui)

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