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New Remote I / O System For Customized Control Peripherals

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New Remote I / O System For Customized Control Peripherals
New Remote I / O System For Customized Control Peripherals

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Video: How are Remote I/O and Distributed I/O Different? 2023, January

According to Pilz, PSS Universal 2 offers flexibility, openness and granularity in one system - for security and automation. The merging of automation and safety functions as well as technical and mechanical improvements help the user to save time and costs from the planning phase.

Module exchange possible during operation

With the new three-part system structure, the expenses for service and maintenance are significantly reduced: The diagnosis can be carried out extremely precisely in the remote I / O system. This enables a quick fault localization and thus correction. Modules can be exchanged during operation. The head module can be exchanged without reconfiguration. Another advantage: Complete disassembly is no longer necessary to replace the backplane.

Users can put the system structure together quickly and easily using drag & drop on the screen: Pilz provides the new configuration tool PAS Config. The logical structure guides the user step by step through the manual installation. This intuitive handling helps to avoid mistakes and the user saves time in the end. The system can be put into operation quickly and easily.

Safe and non-safe control signals

PSS Universal 2 processes both safe and non-safe control signals. Security and automation are physically mixed, but logically separated from each other and therefore free of any effects. The basic function of the head module communicates with Profinet / PROFIsafe. In the next stage, the system will be expanded to include a communication module with an Ethernet IP / CIP safety interface and additional I / O modules.

The PSS Universal 2 remote I / O system is a solution for tailor-made control peripherals. Using standard industrial communication protocols, users can connect the remote I / Os to higher-level controls. The remote system offers advantages wherever systems are widely branched. Users receive an efficient, open and expandable system that, thanks to its modular structure, meets high demands, for example in the automotive industry. (jv)

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