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Five Tips Against The Flood Of Emails

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Five Tips Against The Flood Of Emails
Five Tips Against The Flood Of Emails

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Social collaboration is an increasingly important topic in many companies: employees use WhatsApp groups to exchange ideas and business platforms for working together. As an IT expert, you might think that email is no longer a communication medium.

Nevertheless, according to a study by the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW), more than 80 percent of smaller companies and 74 percent of large companies in Germany use email for business communication. A total of 61 percent of companies use e-mails in the area of ​​service communication, for example to answer inquiries from prospective customers and customers. This electronic mail is therefore still a great source of knowledge and information in everyday business.

Five tips for dealing with emails

There are various ways to keep an eye on the flood of emails in the mailbox and prioritize them according to important content. The first begins with the distribution list: Who do I set to "AN" when composing an email - and who do I set to "CC"? Using or creating a suitable mailing list for the email to be sent should be a matter of course. After all, the information only belongs in the mailboxes of those who can do something with the data and facts. It is therefore advisable to think carefully beforehand about who will receive the email in "AN" and "CC". This is enough to send a message to the various addressees.

1. Select the right distributor

If an employee is set to "CC", he should "take note of the email". It is not a question of this addressee reading the email immediately. The colleague can find out about the contents of the email and act accordingly. An "AN", however, should read the message immediately. "AN" indicates who the actual addressee of the email is. There may be to-dos for this group of recipients, which they must address promptly.

2. "Important" as subject addition - when to use?

The subject addition "important" should be used sparingly. If an employee uses it too often, the highlighting of the email will not work. The mailed colleague reads the important email too late. Or the recipient is unnecessarily torn out of composing an email or other activity because a window of the mail program pops up with the message "Important".

3. Design mail storage sensibly

If emails contain relevant information, you must be able to access them at any time. For this, the mailbox needs a sensible filing. With the help of folders and subfolders in the mailbox, various activities and topics can be divided and sorted. The problem: If the employee creates such small folders, searching for a specific email can take a long time. Therefore, employees should create different folders and subfolders, but ask themselves: Do I need many such special folders or can I store different topics and focal points in one folder?

4. Keep an eye on the timing

In this context, the keyword time management plays an important role. Starting to process the oldest email is not always useful. Usually, several emails have piled up on one topic. Those who only read and reply to the oldest message run the risk of responding to issues that have long been clarified. However, when entering via the latest mail, the overall context for understanding the email may be missing if not all older replies are included below in this message. When employees come back from vacation, the processing of the emails must either start with the oldest or the latest email, depending on the email structure. In order to get a meaningful overview, it can also make sense to sort emails by conversation and work through a block.

5. A clear subject is half the battle

Searching for information and emails in the mailbox shouldn't take a lot of time. A clearly formulated subject gains importance. The email writer should always adjust the subject line instead of just clicking the reply button. The participants of the mail traffic can find the e-mail later with a catchword easier and save time for more important work tasks.

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