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Drilling CFRP Components Precisely With The Laser

Drilling CFRP Components Precisely With The Laser
Drilling CFRP Components Precisely With The Laser

Video: Drilling CFRP Components Precisely With The Laser

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Video: Drilling with ns Pulsed Fiber Lasers - Webinar 2023, January

In the project "Laser beam drilling of composite materials for aviation applications", the project partners Invent, KMS Technology Center, Trumpf Laser and Premium Aerotec concentrate on the development of customized machining strategies using a new, highly pulsed laser beam source. Finally, in order to make the process suitable for industrial use, users should also have tailored system, handling and monitoring technology at their disposal. That is why the partners are developing automated clamping and positioning systems in which, among other things, vibration detection and damping is integrated. In contrast to many conventional separation processes, a single clamping device can be used for all component variants. In order to achieve a holistic overall process,the supply and removal of process gases and emissions as well as the cooling of the workpieces are optimized. Investigations and material testing with the aim of minimizing the thermal load on laser-drilled CFRP components and, at the same time, increasing efficiency by means of tailor-made process management, form the main focus of the LZH experts from the Composites group in the Production and System Technology department. (qui)(qui)(qui)

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