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Simply Recalculate Gearbox Models On The Internet

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Simply Recalculate Gearbox Models On The Internet
Simply Recalculate Gearbox Models On The Internet

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Video: Alex Marlantes, Everlance. Shawn Spiker, HiTec. Apr 20, 2018 2023, February

Various technical companies have long wanted to have a uniform, simple tool for calculating gearboxes. This should be used by both the development and sales departments in the company.

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Why do you think this function was requested?

Until then, many companies had used different tools to calculate the strength of the respective gear components, i.e. gears, shafts and bearings. However, using multiple tools is always prone to errors and difficult to maintain. Another negative point was the user-friendliness: if an engineer wanted to demonstrate the calculations to an employee, he had to provide all the relevant technical data.

In addition, trained employees were required for operation, which restricted the use of the software to a few employees.

How does Kisssys solve this problem now?

Kisssys now offers the possibility to combine and manage all strength calculations relevant for the transmission in one system. This means that a database with all gearbox models can be created that contains the company's know-how. These models can be saved on an internal server and are only visible to the technical department. In addition to the models, the database can also contain separate different Kisssoft files for the shaft and gear geometry. These can be used to vary the translation and arrangement within predefined kinematics models in Kisssys. This level of software should only be used and maintained by specialists.

How can other departments use the saved models?

For this we have created a simplified input interface for the sellers, which accesses the database with the same processing core in the background. The software can therefore be used on two levels: First, on the development level, which contains all technical details of the gearbox and which should be treated confidentially; secondly, at the application level for the seller, which has a web-based interface with simplified access to the encrypted data. The demand for simplicity and user friendliness increases from the development level to the application level - conversely, the need for software training increases.

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