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Clean And Simple Solution For Elastic Bearings

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Clean And Simple Solution For Elastic Bearings
Clean And Simple Solution For Elastic Bearings

SKF has launched a new Vibracon set for the clean and permanent alignment and foundation of rotating machines with elastic bearings. The universal solution should be particularly quick and easy to use for elastically mounted machines, for example under motors, generators and frames. In addition, it is height adjustable and reusable.

Each complete set contains all the components required for elastic storage. These include the SKF Vibracon steel adapters, an adapter plate, SKF spherical washers, an alignment tool, anchor bolts, nuts, jack screws and stoppers.

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Align machines precisely

This complete solution serves to adapt the machine foundation during installation and implementation and to adjust the height. This should enable users to precisely align machines and achieve an even load distribution for reliable operation.

In addition, according to the SKF, the new Vibracon set can also meet the installation requirements of the manufacturers of elastic bearings. Due to the set, some of the time-consuming work caused by conventional foundation processes should be eliminated: Welding steel plates and using epoxy resins, for example, become superfluous.

Reduce negative environmental influences

Since this solution does not produce high temperatures or influences from welding fumes and also does not produce any vapors through the use of resins, the Vibracon set, according to SKF, is much cleaner than conventional foundation processes and is intended to reduce negative effects on the environment. The solution can be delivered at short notice. (sh)

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