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Small Servo Motors Suitable For Industrial Use With Integrated Spindle

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Small Servo Motors Suitable For Industrial Use With Integrated Spindle
Small Servo Motors Suitable For Industrial Use With Integrated Spindle

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Wittenstein Cyber ​​Motor GmbH has introduced a new series of small servo motors with an integrated spindle. Four sizes are available, each with two spindle pitches and two different stroke lengths for short and long stroke applications. The lead screw is fully integrated in the actuator housing - servo motor, spindle drive, linear guide and encoder system form a closed, highly integrated and ready-to-install unit.

The small servo motors with an integrated spindle, which are maintenance-free thanks to the lubrication system that is suitable for life, complete the portfolio of rotary servo motors and servo actuators from the Cyber ​​Dynamic Line product family. They are used, among other things, for positioning, infeed, joining, bending, gripping or dosing in metal forming and handling technology, in the semiconductor industry, in packaging machines and in assembly automation. In the fully stainless steel version with protection class IP65, the new, integrated linear actuator also opens up applications in systems for the food and beverage industry, e.g. B. in high-precision filling plants.

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High power density in an industrial design

In use, the new small servo motors with an integrated spindle should initially convince with their high power density and dynamics. According to Wittenstein, each of the four sizes with 17 mm, 22 mm, 32 mm or 40 mm outer diameter achieves top values ​​in terms of acceleration, cycle rates and machine throughput in the smallest of spaces. This is made possible by the compact design, which means that the inertia is significantly lower than e.g. B. for servo motors with attached spindle.


The generation change at Wittenstein is complete


Digitally networked thinking advances mechanical engineering

In addition, special emphasis was placed on a consistently industrial design. The complete drive is housed in a robust stainless steel housing with protection class IP54 and can be used in any installation position. The spindle itself is maintenance-free and secured against rotation in a closed push tube. The spindle drive in conjunction with the reinforced bearing enables the force to be exerted in both the pulling and pushing directions. A single-turn absolute encoder with a resolution of 12 bits is available as encoder system for all sizes. With sizes 32 and 40, there is the option of using the functions of the currently smallest integrated multiturn encoder on the market. All sizes also have drag chain-compatible and EMC-safe single-cable technology.Thanks to these properties, the drives are perfect for use in an industrial environment.

More reliable and energy efficient than pneumatics

In contrast to pneumatic cylinders, the new linear actuators are intended to enable precise and flexibly controllable positioning processes in any application without any retrofitting work on the machine. This makes them particularly suitable for applications with frequent format changes. The servo technology, which is more controllable in principle, and the simple integration into the higher-level control enable reproducible processes, which can also be displayed both path and force controlled. In addition, they are leak-proof and should offer significantly higher energy efficiency during operation - because compressed air is not only expensive to manufacture, but also lossy. After all, servo technology is almost maintenance-free and quiet - two other advantages over pneumatics.

With servo motor and controller for the small servo axis

The new small servo motors with integrated spindles can be configured with Simco Drive servo drives to powerful small servo axes. This creates solutions with versatile options for connection: Integration into higher-level controls is possible via Can Open, Ether CAT, Profinet RT / IRT or Ether Net / IP. At the same time, the system solution should avoid any form of interface risk from a single source and facilitate commissioning with the help of the electronic nameplate. One of the other software features for safe commissioning is an automatic end position limiter: it prevents the mechanical stops of the actuator from being moved dynamically.In addition, an electronic homing mode enables the machine operator to freely define and reference the 0 position. (sh)

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