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Make Existing Machines Fit For Industry 4.0

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Make Existing Machines Fit For Industry 4.0
Make Existing Machines Fit For Industry 4.0

Video: Make Existing Machines Fit For Industry 4.0

Video: Make Existing Machines Fit For Industry 4.0
Video: Fit for Industry 4 – Digitization of new and existing machine in the production 2023, December

With regular maintenance, machine tools with high-precision and long-lasting mechanical assemblies can be used productively in high-tech industries such as the automotive industry or the aerospace industry. However, the requirements for sensor integration, control technology and networking have changed significantly in the course of developments towards Industry 4.0. The result: conventional machines reach their limits as soon as they are to be integrated into intelligent production networks.

Alternative to the exchange of existing production plants

The Fraunhofer IPT vBox offers an alternative to exchanging existing production systems: As a retrofit solution, it has the necessary network capabilities for real-time data exchange. The compact system can synchronize position data as well as digital inputs and outputs with sensor data and visualize them for the user as required - regardless of the control technology used and completely according to current industry standards.

Machine data and information on force, structure-borne noise or acceleration are transmitted in the highest quality and in real time in order to detect malfunctions in critical process phases and to optimize processes immediately. On this basis, companies can even plan the operations of operators and service employees individually and adapt them as required.

Monitoring and predictive maintenance

The Fraunhofer IPT has already extensively tested the vBox. According to the Aachen researchers, it is equally suitable for monitoring the start-up phase of a new series production or processes for the production of particularly high-quality components as well as for predictive maintenance of assemblies.

Thanks to the complete integration into existing production control systems, the vBox can make a decisive contribution to transparent production in the sense of Industry 4.0.

Technical data of the vBox:

  • 4 x analog input (+/- 10 V, 1 MOhm, DC -80 kHz)
  • 4 x analog input (+/- 10 V, 16 kOhm, 1 Hz - 80 kHz)
  • 2 x high-speed analog input with integrated FFT (+/- 5 V, 50 Ohm, DC -5 MHz)
  • 4 x encoders (1 Vss, TLL or 11 mAss)
  • 3 x digital output 5 V
  • 3 x digital output 24 V
  • 3 x digital input 5 V
  • 3 x digital input 24 V
  • 100 kHz real-time measurement
  • <100 ns clock adjustment
  • 200 Mbit / s Ethernet
  • 30 vBoxes can be networked