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Incremental Encoders With Sin / Cos Interface

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Incremental Encoders With Sin / Cos Interface
Incremental Encoders With Sin / Cos Interface

Video: Incremental Encoders With Sin / Cos Interface

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Video: Quadrature Encoder Tester for Sin/Cos and Incremental Encoders 2023, February

The FG 40 series from Johannes Hübner Giessen is considered to be as robust as it is reliable, consisting of incremental encoders specially designed for heavy industry applications with a variety of equipment options. This year, it was provided as a further development for potentially explosive areas of the Ex FG 40 with ATEX / IECEx certification, each equipped with HTL, TTL or Sin / Cos output. This sine-cosine interface is now available for the complete JHG encoder series FG 40 including Ex FG 40.

Robust aluminum housing

Designed for control tasks in drive technology, the products impress with their robust aluminum housings with high vibration and shock resistance. They are particularly suitable for modernization and new construction projects with high requirements, whereby the Ex FG 40 is especially recommended for use in potentially explosive areas with very harsh environmental conditions such as drilling rigs or petrochemicals. The high control accuracy results from a high signal quality and high interpolation. Various safety functions up to SIL 2 / PL d can be implemented in conjunction with safe evaluation units.

The optical precision scanning delivers very good values ​​for duty cycle (1: 1 ± 3%) and phase shift (90 ° ± 3%). A double signal output is also available with two identical (redundant) sine signal blocks or in combination with HTL or TTL output signals. Such a second output signal can, for. B. may be required for a higher-level control or with increased security requirements as a redundant signal. It eliminates the need for a second encoder or additional pulse splitter.

Available for all designs

The new sine-cosine interface is available for all types of encoder series FG 40: solid shaft with 11 or 14 mm diameter for flange or foot mounting, hollow shafts up to 20 mm diameter; optionally with one or two radial terminal boxes or a second shaft end for mounting additional devices. The signal lines can be easily connected in the generously dimensioned terminal box. Spring-loaded terminals with automatic adjustment ensure a high degree of connection security. (jv)

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