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Torque Motors With High Efficiency

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Torque Motors With High Efficiency
Torque Motors With High Efficiency

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Video: High efficiency 35kW Brushless motor. 2023, January

Hanning has expanded the Hamotic product line with a new motor: the Hamotic Compact torque motor. This motor with single tooth winding is used for fast and precise traversing and positioning tasks and is used wherever energy-efficient, low-backlash or high-torque motors are required.

The gearless direct drives are used, for example, in conveyor and elevator technology, in textile machines and grinders.

The new drive should convince with high availability and small space requirements. A new motor design and the compact design with an outer diameter of 225 mm, an axial length of the active part of 16.5 mm and an axial length of the rotor bell of 50 mm distinguish him as a user-friendly drive solution.

High torques at optimal speed

The Hamotic Compact torque motor is suitable for the speed range 0 min –1 to 275 min –1 with a maximum torque of 15 Nm. At M max, the motor achieves an efficiency of 91.7% and a speed of 150 min –1. Compared to conventional motor-gear combinations, the multi-pole electric direct drive should have other advantages and strengths: According to Hanning, it is very quiet and remains dynamically stable over the entire service life with high speed accuracy. The torque motors should therefore deliver precise, high torques at an optimal speed and also be almost maintenance and wear-free.

The drive is developed and produced precisely according to customer requirements. The motor geometry as well as individual motor parameters can be adapted to the respective installation situation. The winding is also designed specifically for the application. All Hamotic Compact torque motors are available ready for installation. (sh)

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