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Schurter Takes Over Burisch And Aki Electronic

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Schurter Takes Over Burisch And Aki Electronic
Schurter Takes Over Burisch And Aki Electronic

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Burisch Elektronik Teile GmbH, founded in Innsbruck in 1949, has been a Schurter partner for many years. The company has been a representative of Schurter products in Austria since 1961. In addition, the private distribution and consulting company for electronic and electromechanical components has certified cable assembly. Burisch employs around 90 people with its subsidiaries in Hungary, the Czech Republic and Switzerland. In 2015 the consolidated annual turnover was around 20 million euros.

With the integration of Burisch into Schurter Holding AG, the know-how for all divisions of the Schurter Group should grow and the prospects in the markets of Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia improve. The expansion to the east should enable better support for existing customers and the acquisition of new customers. Burisch will continue to operate under the well-known and established name in Austria.

Entrepreneur of the year

Hans-Rudolf Schurter is Entrepreneur Of The Year 2016

Aki Electronic, spol.s ro has been producing input systems for the areas of control and automation technology as well as laboratory and medical devices with its approximately 200 employees since 1992. The Czech manufacturer is active in the core market Germany / Austria as well as in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Aki has been ISO 9001 certified since 1998, and the manufacturing sector has been ISO 13485 (Medical Standard) since 2015. Aki Electronic generated consolidated sales of around EUR 9 million in 2015.

The purchase and integration of Aki in the Input Systems division should offer the Schurter Group several advantages: the geographic expansion to Eastern Europe and a further strengthening of the already processed DACH market for input systems. In addition, there is the advantage of the Czech production location with high quality awareness (Medical Standard ISO 13485) at low manufacturing costs. (sh)

Push button / switch

Schurter offers new touchscreen technology with a robust metal front panel

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