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The 25 Most Popular Employers

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The 25 Most Popular Employers
The 25 Most Popular Employers

Video: The 25 Most Popular Employers

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On the Jobs and Recruiting Glassdoor website, employees have selected the best German employers for 2017. Employees or former employees rated their companies and could name various advantages and disadvantages.

SAP came in first (2016: 5th), which, according to employees, scores with company cars and good social benefits. Adidas also slipped from 9th place to 2nd place, Robert Bosch GmbH took third place. New among the ten best are Deloitte in 4th place, Kaufland in 7th place and DM drugstore in 8th place. It is striking that 19 of the 25 companies are headquartered in Germany and 13 of them are located in southern Germany.

The top 25 in our picture gallery:

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Germany's best employers in 2017 are determined by Glassdoor using its own algorithm. The quality, the quantity and the uniformity of the activated company ratings, which were transmitted by employees in Germany, are taken into account. All ratings were submitted between November 2, 2015 and October 30, 2016. Employers who were analyzed for the German ranking must have received at least 20 company evaluations in the specified period. In order to make the presentation clearer, the ratings were rounded to one decimal place. In the analysis itself, however, the information was calculated to the nearest thousandth. (kj)

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