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Develop With Java Directly On Rexroth Controls

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Develop With Java Directly On Rexroth Controls
Develop With Java Directly On Rexroth Controls

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Video: Understanding the Open Core Interface within automation environments 2023, January

Rexroth has now integrated the Java runtime environment from Oracle - Java 8 SE Embedded - into the motion logic system Indra Motion MLC and provides all the necessary software components. The Java applications run alone or parallel to the PLC program and directly access over 500 functions of the control via the Java API of the Open Core Interface.

Reload programs for flexible manufacturing

Java technology is installed worldwide on almost all PCs as well as the majority of smartphones and tablet PCs. More than nine million programmers are currently working with this technology and have already created a large number of cloud solutions and business applications. As an open standard that is supported by many providers from a wide variety of industries, Java guarantees greater investment security than manufacturer-specific solutions.

Machine manufacturers, software companies and end users can now develop their own Java-based applications, service concepts and business models for the Rexroth control with little effort, or buy programs at low cost. Rexroth uses an OSGi framework as the basis for Java development. This means that several Java applications work in parallel and can be exchanged during operation. In this way, users can install changing Java programs on the controller within a flexible production process in order to adapt production to new requirements - smaller lot sizes without changeover times - or to gain additional process and service information.

Cloud applications ready for use in a few days

All relevant providers of cloud-based services largely provide ready-made Java solutions for registration, registration and secure data exchange. These functions now have direct access to the Rexroth controls. This eliminates the need for complex client programming on the PLC level. Companies can concentrate on identifying the relevant parameters from production, collecting them and transferring them to the cloud for evaluation. An experienced Java programmer only needs a few days to create such a solution. He does not have to write any new PLC programs.

The combination of Java apps, PLC program and cloud services enables continuous monitoring of process quality and all operating states. A local Java app connected to a cloud service can send status data regardless of the operating state of the PLC program. This enhances the informative value of condition monitoring and the predictive maintenance concepts based on it. The first applications of these Smart Services from Rexroth show a significantly increased availability.

Universal interpreter Web Connector

With the "Universal Interpreter" WebConnector, Rexroth offers its first Java application for the Indra Motion MLC control system. It allows web applications based on HTML5 and JavaScript to directly access the control functions with various end devices such as smartphones or tablet PCs without major programming effort. This further simplifies the development of web-based diagnostic, visualization or analysis apps. (Jv)

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