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Upgrade Of Control Hardware For Motion Logic Systems

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Upgrade Of Control Hardware For Motion Logic Systems
Upgrade Of Control Hardware For Motion Logic Systems

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Video: Automation Tasks: Motion Control Function Blocks 2023, January

Indra Control L75 extends the performance scaling of controller-based controls in top hat rail format from Rexroth upwards. Due to the full functional compatibility with the other variants, machine manufacturers can scalably adapt the control hardware to the respective tasks. This allows machine concepts to be modularized more freely.

Higher computing power for higher productivity

Depending on the configuration of the machines, manufacturers can, for example, map different numbers of axes or functionalities without additional programming effort. The increased computing power guarantees shortest cycle times for higher productivity even with complex movement tasks.

Rexroth also supports this with fast on-board I / O and easy expandability with inline I / O modules and function modules, such as a cam switch or real-time cross-communication with other controllers.

Support for numerous protocols

The control family Indra Control L fits flexibly into different automation structures. With its multi-Ethernet interface, it supports the real-time protocols Sercos, EtherNet / IP and Profinet as well as fieldbus connection via Profibus.

The device platform forms the hardware basis for the motion logic systems Indra Logic XLC for simple to demanding PLC applications, Indra Motion MLC for complex motion applications and Indra Motion MTX for CNC applications. In addition to the PLC-based automation Codesys V3, all Rexroth controls support the possibility of high-level language programming for Industry 4.0 applications. This enables users to create individual functions in their preferred development environment. From external devices, they can access the firmware directly and independently of the PLC machine program. (jv)

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