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One-piece Fitting Solution

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One-piece Fitting Solution
One-piece Fitting Solution

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The Flexicon Ultra offers the best system integrity. The design is based on the input and feedback of numerous customers from various technically demanding industries.

Flexicon manufactures innovative, reliable cable protection solutions that are used in industries such as plant and mechanical engineering, the automation industry or the transport and supply industry. System integrity plays a major role in the function and operation of performance and safety-related applications.

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Companies from the industries mentioned above primarily want reliable and easy-to-install solutions with the highest possible degree of protection. Up to now, high-performance hose screw connections have usually consisted of several separate parts, which complicate the installation. The topic of vibration protection also plays an important role, since constant movement and inertia can also impair system performance.

The Flexicon Ultra combines all of these requirements in one product and is a one-piece “fit and forget” fitting solution that guarantees the best performance and reliability. The standard integrated sealing technology ensures protection according to protection class IP68 and IP69. With several locking lugs arranged throughout the screw connection, the Flexicon Ultra offers a tensile strength of up to 70 kg. The tooth construction also provides vibration and shock protection in accordance with EN 613373 Cat 2 and improved security against manipulation. (br)

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