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Five Surefire Tips To Get Hacked

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Five Surefire Tips To Get Hacked
Five Surefire Tips To Get Hacked

Video: Five Surefire Tips To Get Hacked

Video: Five Surefire Tips To Get Hacked
Video: 5 Surefire Ways To Hack Business Growth 2023, December

Digitization is on the rise and the “digital natives” are conquering the world of work. However, digital competence is still very unevenly distributed, and supposed experts also make serious mistakes. Nexus, the provider of security solutions and services, has five surefire tips for anyone who wants to be hacked.

1. Use a password with less than 8 characters

It usually takes less than a minute to crack a password with less than eight characters. Longer passwords are more secure, but we recommend combining them with another authentication method - for example a smart card. Such two-factor authentication offers reliable protection and helps to avoid security risks.

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2. Use different keys for your logins

Anyone who has ever lost their wallet or keys knows that the more keys and the more cards you have, the more locks have to be exchanged in the event of loss or theft and the more cards have to be blocked. Anyone who stores all accesses on a protected card not only has a better overview of their data carriers, but also has to worry about blocking a single card if it is lost.

3. Click on unknown links

If you click on unknown links, you risk downloading ransomware onto your computer. The likelihood of becoming a victim of this form of malware increased significantly again in 2016. However, an infection with ransomware is usually only discovered after the program has encrypted and made the user's data inaccessible. In order to be able to access the data again, the user has to pay a ransom - an avoidable risk with a shock effect if an emergency occurs.

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