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CAD Viewer Glovius V4.4 Available

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CAD Viewer Glovius V4.4 Available
CAD Viewer Glovius V4.4 Available

Video: CAD Viewer Glovius V4.4 Available

Video: CAD Viewer Glovius V4.4 Available
Video: Glovius- A Modern 3D CAD Viewer Overview 2023, November

In the new version 4.4 of the CAD viewer Glovius, numerous functions have been added and existing ones improved. Glovius not only comes with a visually refreshed user interface, but also with an improved exploded view and the possibility to measure while cutting, and a new markup function for improved teamwork.

This is new in Glovius v4.4:

  • Support for Catia v5-6 2016 and Inventor 2017
  • Completely redesigned user interface: new icons and new layout of the command bar
  • A lower or higher precision is often required for measurements and in the parts list display (BOM report). With the new version it is possible to adapt the number of decimal places to the respective requirements. Many existing Glovius customers use Dropbox and Box to store and make CAD files available in the cloud. 3D models can now be opened directly from the Dropbox and Box file.
  • The sectional view is very well solved in the new version. Most users want to make and measure cuts on assemblies at the same time, this is now possible with a simple function.
  • The exploded view helps to understand the assembly structure and enables a look at the component architecture. This function has been completely revised. The new Glovius version uses the product structure and coordinate axes to display the components in an exploded view.
  • Improved team collaboration / collaboration: Glovius v4.4 makes it even easier to share comments and annotations during the design process in a team. CAD models can be opened, markups added and shared as a collab file. As soon as colleagues open the CAD model and the collab file, Glovius loads all markups and annotations contained in the document.