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Validated Hydraulic Fluids Increase The Service Life Of The Hydraulics

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Validated Hydraulic Fluids Increase The Service Life Of The Hydraulics
Validated Hydraulic Fluids Increase The Service Life Of The Hydraulics

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A significantly increased power density, due to higher working pressures, speeds, oil circulation figures and temperatures: The hydraulics have increased their performance significantly in recent years. This also places higher demands on the hydraulic fluids used, which, among other things, decisively influence the wear behavior of the hydraulic components. Bosch Rexroth therefore offers a neutral assessment process that realistically reflects these current requirements. Hydraulic fluids that successfully complete the process are now included in Bosch Rexroth's Fluid Rating List.

The relevant requirements standards DIN 51524, ISO 15380 and ISO 12922 define minimum requirements for hydraulic fluids. However, the technical development of high-performance hydraulics and the suitability of new hydraulic media and additives do not adequately reflect them.

With a new, scientifically standardized evaluation procedure, Rexroth tests the behavior of fluids and the interactions with the key components pump and motor under realistic operating conditions. Among other things, the technical characteristics of the liquids are checked for plausibility and conformity with standards. A practical pump and motor test as well as a specific seal test stress the liquids under high loads in different cycles over several hundred operating hours, both at high temperatures and low viscosities. The evaluation procedure, which is described in Rexroth data sheet 90235, goes far beyond the minimum requirements of the corresponding fluid requirements standards and is suitable for all hydraulic media based on mineral oil,environmentally friendly and flame retardant hydraulic fluids. If a fluid fulfills all requirements, it is included in Bosch Rexroth's new Fluid Rating List 90245, which replaces the existing market overviews 90220-01 and 90221-01.

Lubricant and additive manufacturers can use the evaluation procedure to have the performance of their hydraulic fluids assessed neutrally and regardless of the application. On request, Bosch Rexroth can also provide you with an RFT-APU-CL fluid test bench that can be used, for example, for your own development work. The process helps machine manufacturers and operators to reduce the maintenance and downtime costs of their machines and systems and to increase operational safety. (qui)

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