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Siemens Selects Inventor Of The Year

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Siemens Selects Inventor Of The Year
Siemens Selects Inventor Of The Year

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Siemens has honored ten particularly resourceful researchers as “Inventors of the Year 2016”. The scientists from Germany, Austria, the USA and Denmark are jointly responsible for around 558 registered inventions and 597 individual patents. "Research in the 21st century cannot take place in the ivory tower," said Joe Kaeser. "Open innovation is the magic word - innovation is team sport today."

For this reason, the prize, which has been awarded annually to outstanding researchers and developers in-house since 1995, has been upgraded this year: "New Talents", "Outstanding Invention", "Lifetime Achievement" and "Open Innovation" are the categories in which inventors are recognized that contribute significantly to the company's success. (sh)

The picture gallery shows Siemens' inventor of the year 2016

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