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Ball Joint With High Holding Power

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Ball Joint With High Holding Power
Ball Joint With High Holding Power

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Video: How to Replace a Lower Ball Joint | How to Press Out/In a Ball Joint at Home 2023, January

Ganter has been offering axially clampable ball joints under the 782 standard for some time, which are particularly suitable for smaller installation spaces. These joints are fixed using a knurled nut when small holding torques are required; higher holding torques can be achieved by tightening with an open-end wrench. Ganter has now added the GN 784 ball joint series to the range, especially for applications that require higher holding torques with a low tightening torque and frequent adjustments.

The new ball joint offers larger swivel ranges 360 ° around the vertical axis and thus ± 90 ° in the position specified by the ball groove and ± 30 ° angle of inclination in every position. This makes the joint ideal for the adjustable mounting of cameras, lighting fixtures, blow nozzles, monitors or scanners.


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The ball fixation is as simple as it is ingenious: a screw with a cone tip, which is driven by an adjustable clamping lever or with a hexagon socket, moves the housing downwards and presses the ball into the pan-shaped base element. Thanks to the good efficiency of the clamping mechanism, very large clamping forces can be achieved on the ball with small tightening torques. In addition, the combination of the material surfaces between the ball and the housing (aluminum, bright - anodized) contributes to high friction within the fixed joint. For clamps with a low adjustment frequency, the clamping lever can be dispensed with and the option with hexagon socket set screw can be used instead. The ball joints GN 784 are available in four sizes,either with two internal or one external thread for ball-side application. Customer-specific connections can also be economically represented in relatively small quantities. (br)

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