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Nanopositioning Tables With High Geometric Performance

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Nanopositioning Tables With High Geometric Performance
Nanopositioning Tables With High Geometric Performance

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The QNP2-100-XYA have a free aperture of 50 mm x 50 mm with closed-loop travel paths up to 100 μm x 100 μm (open-loop travel paths up to 120 μm x 120 μm). The design is ideal for optical microscopy, scanning probe microscopy, X-ray transmission microscopy and other applications that require access to parts from two sides.

Precision design

The QNP2 piezo tables use a parallel kinematic deflection and measurement technology design, which ensures the highest accuracy in multi-axis systems. The precise, FEA-optimized deflections ensure high rigidity and a long service life. The high rigidity and resonance frequency enable high process throughput and fast closed-loop response times. Through the use of a drive design patent pending, yaw errors are reduced to a minimum while maintaining an Abbe-compliant measurement system.

All QNP2 piezo tables are available in the versions Closed Loop (-C) or Open Loop (without feedback). The unique parallel measurement design with capacitive sensor measures the output of the positioning slide directly and enables resolutions of 0.15 nm, a linearity of 0.01% and a bidirectional repeatability of 1 nm.

Highly precise control

The controls and drives from the Aerotech Q series offer a number of practical software options. The software packages Dynamic Controls Toolbox and Motion Designer offer numerous advanced and user-friendly tools such as Learning Control, Harmonic Cancellation and Command Shaping, which enable a reduction in tracking errors and faster settling times. The control architecture of Aerotech enables precise and coordinated movements of piezo tables, servos, stepper motors and galvos at high speed.

An optional mounting plate enables direct mounting on imperial or metric optical (experimental setup) tables. Fixed slides are also optionally available. All QNP2 piezo tables are also available in user-specific materials and as vacuum-prepared versions. (jv)

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