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Robust Caliper With Optimized Features

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Robust Caliper With Optimized Features
Robust Caliper With Optimized Features

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The Absolute Digimatic caliper IP67 scores - as the name suggests with extreme resistance to coolants and lubricants as well as the protection class IP67 certified by TÜV Rheinland. This makes it ideal for use in production environments where it is exposed to coolants, lubricants and dust. The Japanese manufacturer is now offering a revised version of the Absolute Digimatic caliper IP67.

Battery life of 20,000 hours

The character size on the digital display has increased by 20 percent to 9 mm in the new model. This ensures better readability and reduces fatigue for the user. In addition, the battery life has increased by an enormous 33% to 20,000 hours. With automatic shutdown after 20 minutes of inactivity, professional use results in a service life of around five years. The battery can be changed without tools. Visually, the new version differs from its predecessor by a changed scale on the rail and new graphics on the housing.

Mitutoyo uses “Coolant Proof” measuring devices with materials that are extremely resistant to emulsions, oil, lubricants and coolants. The new Absolute Digimatic caliper IP67 is available with the measuring ranges 0 mm to 150 mm and 0 mm to 200 mm. It offers an accuracy of 0.02 mm (without quantization errors) and a numerical step value of only 0.01 mm. In addition, further variants of the new model will be available shortly.

High resilience

As a pioneer in the development and manufacture of handheld measuring equipment with extremely high IP protection classes, Mitutoyo has many measuring devices tested by TÜV Rheinland. After intensive test series, the TÜV Rheinland Group uses test certificates to confirm the high resilience and IP protection classes of Mitutoyo's handheld measuring equipment. A ten-digit number sequence is the key to the certificates. Using this number, all tested properties can be called up online. (jv)

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