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Thread Guide Drum Motor For The Textile Industry

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Thread Guide Drum Motor For The Textile Industry
Thread Guide Drum Motor For The Textile Industry

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The thread guide drum motor is a central component of automatic cross winding machines in the textile industry. These machines rewind the cops produced by the ring spinning machines for further processing on larger packages. Thread breaks, bobbin changes and yarn cleaner cuts are interruptions at the individual winding points in order to guarantee the task as an “efficient quality lock” in the manufacturing process. A new thread connection is created each time by means of a splice. The thread guide drum motor plays a decisive role in making this process energy-efficient and highly productive. It must guarantee the shortest braking and acceleration cycles as well as the highest winding speeds.

High demands on speed, efficiency and speed

In this process, the Hamotic-pro thread guide drum motor from Hanning Elektro-Werke GmbH & Co. KG drives the cheese over the slot drum and under the contact pressure generated by the frame. This is no easy task, since the package - a solid package with a weight of up to 5 kg and a diameter of up to 320 mm - has to be reliably positioned. The machine-specific requirements are high. Above all, winding speeds> 2000 m / min are required, good efficiency with good controllability, constant speed and a long service life under all extreme conditions.

The mechanical structure of the engine reliably suppresses the effects of the impressed vibrations. The stability against shaft vibrations was achieved through a sophisticated system of bearing brackets, ball bearings and shaft. A ball bearing change should be easy to service in a few simple steps.

The Hamotic-pro thread guide drum motors are customer-specifically developed and produced for worldwide use. (sh)

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