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Centrifugal Fans For The Extreme

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Centrifugal Fans For The Extreme
Centrifugal Fans For The Extreme

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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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Special protective measures are required for fans that are directly exposed to environmental influences such as extreme humidity or rapid temperature change cycles. If temperature fluctuations occur more often, e.g. B. with on / off operation, there can be an accumulation of moisture, which leads first to corrosion and then to failure of the electronics. In order to protect electronic components from moisture, EBM-Papst has developed a housing with a special, patented membrane. This movable membrane is intended to compensate for the pressure fluctuations which, for. B. arise from rapid temperature changes. The housing is hermetically sealed and can withstand highly dynamic temperature changes from –40 ° C to 70 ° C.

Electronics with protection class IP69K

The electronics themselves are also pressure-resistant and dust-proof and thus meet the requirements for protection class IP69K. With the Radical DC radial fans, the EC external rotor motor is integrated in the impeller. Due to the compact design, they are also suitable for tight installation conditions. The impeller should form a functioning unit with the aerodynamically adapted inlet nozzle. Plug-and-play makes installation and connection easy. The speed can be steplessly controlled via a 0-10 V signal. The electronic commutation and the stator design ensure low-noise magnetization with a high, acoustically imperceptible clock frequency.


How should the fan sound?

Important for mobile communication

The Radical DC fans are used e.g. B. in IT base stations. These ensure that you can communicate with each other anywhere in the world. The fans keep the electronics at a uniformly low temperature level and dissipate heat loss. This minimizes the risk of failure of individual components and increases the system life. The radial fans are also used in control cabinets and IT hardware such as network and storage technology, for router and server cooling. The DC-Radicals are currently available in sizes 190 mm to 280 mm. (sh)

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